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NFL commits to at least 4 international matches a year

The NFL continues to expand internationally

The NFL has made some significant announcements over the past couple of weeks that will effect the league domestically and importantly for fans around the world, internationally.

The league has finally confirmed that from 2021, the season will be expanded from 16 to 17 fixtures. Although the players might not be best pleased, the money making move has allowed games to continue to be played around the world, reducing the disapproval of diehard US fans.

It is now confirmed that at least 4 games a season will be played internationally, with all 32 teams making a trip abroad at least once every 8 years. (the Packers are the only NFL team to not have played in London)

Currently the beautiful Tottenham Hotspur stadium has a contract to deliver two matches a season until 2025 and talks are ongoing to bring the Jaguars back to Wembley Stadium once more. Mexico will continue to try and host more matches, their first coming in 2017, whilst Germany and Canada have been touted as possible venues in the future.

What’s happening in the UK in 2021?

News is slowly starting to filter out with regards to matches going ahead in the UK, but a cautious approach is being set by the NFL with covid playing a major factor of course. Normally the matches and tickets would be sold out by now, so a major rush for places including hospitality is to be expected when fixtures are confirmed, especially if there is a reduced capacity.

As mentioned above the Tottenham Hotspur stadium should be hosting two matches in the Autumn and Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons have confirmed their attendance, having not been to the capital since 2014. Speculation of their opponent continues with 5 teams including the Eagles and the Patriots likely, due to the fact that it is not a divisional match up.

Wembley Stadium has a strong chance of picking up another match this year as the stadium has proven it’s ability to successfully hold games over a number of years. Twickenham has also been a part of the NFL international series and may play apart in the schedule going forward.

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